The Doorway

ancient doorwayThere are many turning points in our life when we find ourselves at a doorway. When we come face to face with this doorway we find ourselves wondering how we got here and do we have the courage and fortitude to go through the doorway or do we hover around the outside trying to peer in and imagine what is on the other side. Maybe we see shadows in the corners of the doorway and fear causes us to run the other way. Why is it that fear has such a grip on us? Is it because we do not trust God enough to know and believe in our hearts that what is on the other side will be good and wonderful?

What brings us to this doorway? Ultimately God does, however I believe He does not do it alone. If we open our eyes and look at the path we have traveled on we can see the Light Bearers that He has placed in our lives to bring us to the doorway. Maybe they are complete strangers who say a word or a phrase that sticks with us and we find ourselves turning over these words in our being. Maybe it is a friend who in loving conversation strikes a chord in our heart. Maybe it is simply looking at ourselves and seeing where we have been and where we would like to go. In actuality it is probably a combination of all of these things and in the middle of it all is God. These Light Bearers lift the veil of untruths in our lives so that we might see clearly and begin our journey to the doorway. This unveiling allows us to hear God beckoning us to the doorway. It is the beginning of a transformation that happens in its own timing. Ten years ago, two years ago, 10 days ago or yesterday was not the day. We were not ready. It is an unfolding. Like the blossoming of the most exquisite rose in the morning dew.

The question is when we get to the doorway what will we do? Will we retreat because it is easier, softer more comfortable to do so? Or will we humble ourselves enough to say to God I trust you, I place my life in your hands. I relinquish my life to you and know that you have brought me to this doorway for good. I seize this moment to make my life better, to walk through the doorway. To not be afraid of any shadows but to seek the sunlight. What will you do? Do you have the courage to find the life through the doorway that God is calling you to?

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2 Responses to The Doorway

  1. Heather says:

    Beautifully written! You do have a wonderful way with words. Yes I am left to ponder what have I done as I have come to the doorways in my life? Sometimes lingering and sometimes barging through with relief and gratitude for the peace that is present on the other side! Thanks Debbie for the thoughts to meditate on.

    • debbiej1111 says:

      Thank you for being my friend and for being my soul-mate of friends. You are a beautiful and amazing being. Your sheer presence is a blessing to everyone. Keep living in the light.

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