Moon and Stars

Lately I have been needing, wanting to observe the stars and moon. I have felt something calling to me. There is a peacefulness about being still and looking up at the universe unfolding before my eyes. It is like being wrapped in a warm, comfortable blanket and hearing God whisper He loves me. How amazing and totally impressive is that? Some may look at the moon and stars and feel small. Not me. The majesticness of it all fills me with possibilities. All that God has created is incredible! When I gaze up at the stars and moon, God is sending me a message that I am just as incredible and He loves me more than I could possibly imagine. It is much like a storybook I used to read to my little girls where hare rabbit tells his child that he loves them up to the moon and back. This is what I hear God whispering to me and it is a whispering that fills me with awe, wonder and love. It fills me to a point of bursting and I know that no matter what, God will always catch me. In fact, He never lets me go. Looking at the stars and moon is like resting in the palm of His hand. It is a connection that is beautiful and fulfilling. One that is much-needed. Maybe this is why I have been feeling this desire to commune with God under the stars and moon. God has been hearing my cries of separation and He has been calling me to Him. It is a calling that I am all to willing to answer for it fills me with peace and comfort, of being enveloped by angel wings. No harm, only love and acceptance. The next time you are feeling lost, alone, frazzled, or unloved I suggest you spend some time gazing up at the moon and stars. If you are still enough and open your heart to the unfolding of the universe, you may hear God whispering to you of His love as well.

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4 Responses to Moon and Stars

  1. Barb says:

    We all feel that separation from God at times. The more we reach out to Him honestly, the more He draws us near. The times of separation can make the nearness that much sweeter & awe inspiring.

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