mustard_seed_smYou come to me to be healed.
You fill my room waiting for the light of my healing touch.
You are riddled with pain and many lesions upon your skin.

Yet when I place my hands upon you to receive the energy of my light, you become afraid.
You are gripped with fear and you doubt because of the powerfulness that is demonstrated
in the light.
You are afraid and a non-believer.

Soon my room has emptied as fear has spread to the others.
It is a mass exodus.
One that I find disheartening.
I know that the light I have to share is real and its strength ever more so.

I am speaking to you as Jesus spoke to His disciples. You are simple and do not
understand the parables of life.
You who are of little faith find it difficult to believe without first seeing.
Much convincing is needed in order for your belief.

I hold my hands up so that you all may see the electric blue light that dances between
my palms. Upon seeing this truth you return to my room to be healed.
Why must you have such proof to have faith?

Why could you not just accept my light and be healed? Is not faith purer and
stronger without the mechanics of such formalities and pretenses?
Receive my light and be healed.
Accept this on faith and you and I will be greater for it.

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