Your Mother and My Mother

child and mother
Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would like to see you living
In better conditions,

For your mother and my mother
Were friends.

I know the Innkeeper
In this part of the universe.
Get some rest tonight,
Come to my verse again tomorrow.
We’ll go speak to the Friend together.

I should not make any promises right now,
But I know if you
Somewhere in this world–
Something good will happen.

God wants to see
More love and playfulness in your eyes
For that is your greatest witness to Him.

Your soul and my soul
Once sat together in the Beloved’s womb
Playing footsie

Your heart and my heart
Are very, very old

Such beautiful and powerful words. It just makes me want to rest in them. To mull them over in my head and have the words tumble out of my mouth and off my lips over and over again. Somehow in the repetition of it, it becomes more magnified, powerful and moving. Rest in these words and allow them to work in you and through you and feel what moves inside of you.

I can so easily give myself to fear and yet do I really want to go there? Afterall, they are the cheapest seats in the house. Nothing good can happen there. I have faith and if I give into fear it is like trading in the best seats in the house for the worst. This is not where I want to be. Fear of the unknown, fear of someone who is different or threatens us. Let the mask fall away and really what remains? Our sameness, our connection, friendship and love, the beauty of our souls dancing together. The connection of who we really are, of where we really came from and the Divine smiles when we remember this.

Do we believe that somehow God wants our life to be drudgery and filled with adversity. He does not. He wants to see love and playfulness in our eyes for this is a witness to Him. Wow! This is like getting a permission slip to go on a field trip, or a passport and airline tickets to travel around the world. Do you literally feel the weight being lifted from you? God wants you to enjoy your life. To revel and play in its beauty, its lightness and laughter. Embrace all that has been given to you and breathe into it. Live this life and live it well. Find your happiness and what calls to you. God expects no more from you. Believe it and you will find the connection of all the other souls that share your heart and have been old friends.

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2 Responses to Your Mother and My Mother

  1. Heather says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! As always!!

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