Mighty Oak Tree

the mighty oak
I was praying today and these were the thoughts that came to me.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could be like the mighty oak? What wonderful and powerful lessons there are in this tree.

The mighty oak is wholesome.

The mighty oak is strong.

The mighty oak is graceful.

The mighty oak is grand and full of strength.

The mighty oak stands tall and true.

The mighty oak protects.

The mighty oak is humble.

It begins as a tiny acorn that must struggle and fight to grow into being strong and courageous. In this battle is where it learns its lessons. They are lessons that the seedling embraces for it knows the gifts and treasures that will be his if he learns the lessons well.

The mighty oak knows his worth for he takes up the space that he deserves and is rightfully his. Without taking up space he cannot be grand, cannot be powerful. He would be less than he is capable of being. He would be denying a part of himself and then would find himself withering and dying.

These are very good lessons to learn indeed and in that, the mighty oak is a wonderful teacher. I hope I have learned these lessons well and will continue to do so.

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1 Response to Mighty Oak Tree

  1. Barb says:

    You are amazing! I am sure God is touching many through you. Surrender to God and embrace the struggle.

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