What does it say about someone that when you see them you cannot help but smile? It isn’t that you are consciously thinking about it, the smile just escapes from you when you see them. The response is completely involuntary. You have no control over it. It is just something that overtakes you and as it does your whole being becomes light. In many ways we become childlike, exposed and innocent.

I have been very blessed to have people in my life that cause this response in me. Being around these people causes an immediate lifting of spirit and the energy one feels is positive and full of renewal. It is quite like being hungry for something and not really knowing what it is that you are hungry for and then this person crosses your path and you know immediately that you have been hungry for the connection that they provide for you are no longer hungry, you are being fed. The really wonderful part is not only are you being fed they are too.

I think that is why the smile comes so easily and involuntarily. The response is something wonderful and felt deep inside that cannot be repressed. These relationships are the easy ones. They come about naturally without even really trying, they just evolve. I’m not sure why. Maybe because their energy is vibrating on the same level and like energy draws like energy. This is why it is not draining but fulfilling. The energy is intricate and passes back and forth between two spirits intertwining as one and then separating once again. The experience that takes place is quite magical. If you have ever had the pleasure of being in the company of such a person you know what a precious gift both of you have been given and you do not squander it. You recognize it, name it and give thanks for it. At times maybe you do not need words to express it cause it is a knowing for both of you. At other times the feelings that are created are so overwhelming that you have no choice but to put them into words just because it is so very important to you to let this person know how they have impacted you and made your life lighter, more precious and beautiful.

The moments with these type of people fly by. You have spent hours with them without even realizing it. Every time you are with them it feels like you just sat down and then it is time to leave. It’s like time stood still with the two of you while all around you it sped up. There is so much life to share and experience that you cannot possibly fit it all in the time you have to together. There is always more and will always be more. You never lack for anything to share, to discuss or ponder. There exists a never-ending fountain of things that you wish to express to one another.

There are duties and responsibilities that call to you and for that you are sad for you do not wish to part for there is always so much more to say. So much more to laugh about, shed some tears about and express our gratitude for their presence in our lives.

If you have never experienced this with anyone you have my sympathies. The experience that these people provide is impacting and ever-changing. They allow us to grow and become better than we were before and vice versa. It is a wonderful exchange of admiration, respect, love, and kindness. There is no judgement, just total and complete acceptance of what is. There exists a complete understanding. There is no condemnation. No fear that our words will be misconstrued or handled carelessly for we know the preciousness of this exchange. One misstep and the connection is altered. Repairs can be made but the fear that exists is the connection cannot or will never be the same. The beauty of this is that it is something understood between the people who you have drawn to you, that cause you to smile with just their sheer being.

For those of you who have this in your life make sure to show your appreciation and know the priceless gift that you have been given. And for those of you who have never known this I pray that you will find it for without it I dare say that you have not truly lived. I have lived many lifetimes because of these dear individuals that have been placed on my path. For that I am ever grateful and I hope that I have made you smile that maddening, goofy elated smile that escapes your lips. What more could a person ask for? To know that your presence caused happiness and lightness to another so great that they carried it with them and made it apart of them. The sheer thought of this causes me to smile. I hope it does the same for you. Smile.

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