What is it about snow that brings magic? As snow falls delicately from the sky there is a certain mystery to it and magic. I can easily be transported and become a child again standing in the midst of the snowfall tipping my head back to the sky, opening my mouth and catching the coolness of the flakes as they melt in my mouth. I can feel them as they stick to my eyelashes and then turn to water. I spin around, arms outstretched still holding my face to the heavens and smile. There is perfectness in this. There is magic.

As snow falls and accumulates to the ground and then begins to blanket the earth there is a stillness as if something magical is about to happen. What is it? It is the moment of purity, of forgiveness as if everything that has ever been is being covered and made clean. The whiteness of each perfect snowflake is an amazing reminder of our imperfectness and that we are still beautiful and amazing, for God covers us in His perfectness. We are made clean much like the snow as it blankets the earth. It sparkles and gleams and entices us to come out and play. In this moment I am thankful, grateful for this reminder. Another blessing that many times we fail to see and acknowledge.

Have you ever looked out your window after a fresh fallen snow, before anyone has stirred from their warm beds and the world itself as awoken? It is magical, clean and untouched. Maybe it is still dark out and the moon is out making his trek across the universe and the moon’s light catches the snow and glistens. A spell has been cast in that moment. An unmistakable spell that let’s you know that this is your life, this is what you have been given. Really, isn’t that what life amounts to? Moments carved in time. What do we do with these moments? Do we seize them and live them. Truly breathe them in and out. Make them part of ourselves and then let them go, for this is the only way we can truly appreciate and make the most of the next moment we will encounter.

Somehow the new fallen snow energizes me and it instills me with a spirit of wanting to enjoy this day, this moment to the fullest. To milk every precious piece of magic out of it that I can. And just like a child I succumb to its magic. I fall backward into the blanket of snow on the ground and let it surround me with its velvety coolness and I move my arms and legs back and forth remembering what it was like when I was a child to make snow angels. Only right now in this moment I am a child-mother making snow angels with her children and it is tremendously fulfilling and I am extremely happy. God has brought me to this moment for He blessed me with this new fallen snow and His message of forgiveness and new beginnings. My heart is full and I know that it will expand in order for me to experience even more times like this.

We laugh together, dog-pile each other, throw snow in each other’s faces and know that we are loved. We sled together laughing and talking and there is a certain ease and contentment about it. It is not work. It is pure unadulterated love and caring and being together in this magical world that has been created. We are insulated from the outside world and all the worries that we sometimes allow it to bring in. There is nothing but the perfectness of being together and wondering at the magic that has been created by simple snowfall. I take this opportunity to really surrender myself to it and as I am sledding I lose control and end up doing a backwards somersault off my sled. How great and exhilarating and I laugh the greatest, loudest laugh that is in me. It is not calculated, it just happens for I am truly living in this moment. My daughter laughs with me, her greatest most contagious laugh and then we laugh even harder surrendering to this blissful happiness that we have found. We high-five each other and declare today the greatest snow day ever! Magic!

Sometimes magic happens, sometimes it is created. However it comes to you, unless you see it and then seize the opportunity to live in it you will miss it. What will call to you today? What will you choose to answer. The call to be a child? The call to feel the depth of joy, sorrow, laughter maybe even some sense of freedom? The Universe talks to us every second of every day. It calls us to magic. It calls us to come and play.

I read this poem today and I think it rather fits.

The God Who Only Knows Four Words

Has known God,
Not the God of names,
Not the God of don’ts,
Not the God who ever does
Anything weird,
But the God who only knows four words
And keeps repeating them, saying:
“Come dance with Me.”
Dance — Hafiz

When God sends snowfall go and play. When God sends the rain go and dance. When God sends the sun go and bask in it. When God sends anything to your door see the magic in it and hear Him calling to you “Come and dance with Me.” And then go and dance with Him for He wants you to experience magic. Answer the call today in whatever way it comes to you and God will send more magic your way. It is a blessing like the snowfall. See it, feel it, and even hear it. “Come and dance with Me.”

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  1. That poem is great isn’t it? Nice thoughts to begin my day. 😉

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