The Sky Hunter

Ringing the bell,
Playing the tamboura, calling for Him.

For you
Have touched something holy inside
With your spirit-body
And now your eyes look broken
Without His sacred presence near.

The heart is like that: blessed and ruined
Once it has known
Divine beauty.

It becomes a restless sky hunter.

The lover keeps circling in their being
Their sweetest moments
With God

Needing to kiss
His face
Again. — Hafiz

Exquisitely beautiful and breathtaking. This poem brings tears to my eyes which turns to sobbing. There is nothing but truth that exists in these words and raw emotion for once you have held divine beauty in the depths of your soul the heart is blessed for having had the experience and also ruined for nothing can ever come close to comparing. It is like once you have had a small taste of it your soul thirsts for more and it is a thirst that cannot be quenched. You become restless and reckless searching the universe so that your heart may once again be blessed and you are transformed.

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1 Response to The Sky Hunter

  1. mavraa says:

    Every-time I read this, I feel a wave of warmth wash all over me that makes me wanna swing with love.

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