Up to the Mountain

(I am having trouble getting the video to play on the small screen. In order to view you need to click the full screen on the bottom right hand corner of the video in the square next to youtube.)

This an amazing song. It is very fitting to how I feel when I am on top of a mountain taking everything in that I see and feel. I am overcome by the beauty of the world that God has created. I can get caught up in all kinds of troubles in my life and forget the simple greatest truth which is that God loves me and as long as I can remember this nothing else matters. Not my past and what I have done or what I might do tomorrow, just simply to be here right now today in this moment knowing that God loves me and suddenly all is right with my world. As simple as this concept is, I continually forget it and I must resubmit myself to Him, kneel before Him and ask His forgiveness in my forgetting and trying to control all that comes into my life instead of putting my trust in Him, His word and His love.

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1 Response to Up to the Mountain

  1. luggagelady says:

    Such an amazing share. Thanks for lifting my heart to mountain height!!

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