I love walking meditations. If you have never tried a walking meditation I would really recommend that you give it a whirl. Usually it consists of coordinating your breath with your steps and repeating a Sanskrit mantra. When I walk I currently use Sa Ta Na Ma which means birth, life, death and rebirth. Sa beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be. Ta Is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity. Na is death, change and the transformation of consciousness. Ma is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

Once you have gotten the hang of coordinating your breath and steps to saying the mantra then you can add the mudra which consists of touching your forefinger to your thumb saying Sa, then middle finger to thumb saying Ta, ring finger saying Na and then pinkie finger saying Ma. Continue this process as you walk, coordinating breath, steps and mudra all together. You can do it for a specific amount of time, 5 minutes and then resting for 1 minute and then repeating the process over as you continue on your walk.

When I have done this meditation I find that I become quite expansive. I am no longer limited by the confines of my earthly body. Somehow there is a release and my spirit is able to open and connect to all that surrounds me, from the clouds, sky, sun, to the earth, grass, trees, birds and all living creatures great and small. I am one with all that I see and don’t see. A blue bird flies overhead and I can feel myself soaring with it. I sense the breeze against my wings and feel myself rising and then falling with the current of wind. For a moment I am, I am and this is absolutely amazing and healing to me. I come across deer and they are unafraid. They gaze at me and I gaze back. I like to believe that I see humanity reflected in their eyes. Although it is possible, like is speculated in the Life of Pi that it is my own humanity being reflected back. I find this difficult to believe. The connection that is felt is one of understanding and knowing.

I am called to sit for a moment on a rock and close my eyes and just simply listen. Have you ever really done this? Just sat and closed your eyes and did nothing more than listen? I found this to be a rewarding and connecting process as well. I hear birds call from one direction and then another. Their song exquisite. I detect dogs barking in the distance, hammering of some sort, perhaps someone making repairs on their home, the whispering of the wind rustling the trees, detecting the smell of pine and finally lifting my face to the sun. Feeling its rays upon my face, being basked in dazzling light that dances upon my cheeks. A wonderfully refreshing and renewing experience. I feel connected and balanced and in this moment I hear something more. My Savior quietly speaking to me, calling to me. He knows that I have been wounded,that I caused hurt as well, that I have moments of not feeling good enough, having to be perfect, that I judge myself and am too hard on myself. This wounds Him as well. Right now, right here I know that He knows this and I hear Him calling to me, “Debbie come to me. My arms are open. There is forgiveness here, comfort here. Allow me to hold you and soothe all your hurts and concerns away.” For this instant I go to Him and allow Him to hold me and I take this experience and feeling of rightness with me when I once again embark on my meditative walk.

Fabulous opportunities of communing with our Father exist if we only stop and listen. I will continue to be open and practice my walking meditation and in the process I hope to hear my Father speaking to me so that I might hear and feel the love He has for me. Will you take some time in your day to listen and hear what He has to say to you? Listen and feel and see where just simply being with this takes you.

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  1. Tesla Starr says:

    Love this post and the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. Use it most often in sitting meditaiton and we sometimes join together and send this prayer into the universe during our yoga class. Using the hand mudra you describe, we begin by saying the mantra out loud, then a whisper, then out loud again and finally just sit and listen to the sound vibrate and manifest within and without. Very powerful.

    Sat nam,

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