ephesians-green-ocean-t5Have you ever observed the ocean? It contains many lessons for us if we allow ourselves to see them. The ocean is full of surprises. The ebb and flow of the waves as they come into shore have a mind of their own. As one watches the shoreline, the waves transform as they crash against rock. The water disperses then comes back together as one.

Watching how the ocean transforms itself, it is a good lesson for how we can transform ourselves. Water can crash into rocks and become droplets and then fall back into the whole. Freezing temperatures can transform the liquid into a solid that will thaw and become liquid again. Water surges onto the shore in a great rush of energy and then recedes back just as quickly. This is a lesson to us of the ebb and flow of life. Each and every one of us experience moments of great joy and then sorrow, being connected spiritually and then at times detached, of having great abundance and then experiencing some sort of lack. The ebb and flow is like a balance to our lives. Instead of fighting this ebb and flow, how much more of a relief it would be if we rode the current and let it takes us where we needed to go. How exhausting it is when we fight this natural flow. We are riding against the tide and it is exhausting. Let go and be at home with this ebb and flow. In this acceptance, there is a sense of well-being.

Water can sometimes be hard and destructive as well. Although, maybe it’s greatest power lies in its ability to be soft and pliable. Afterall, the Grand Canyon was formed after many years of water flowing and transforming the rock. It was a long arduous process. One that created great beauty. Amazing to think that the simple act of water flowing against the rock created a Canyon of unparalleled wonder and magnificence. This is a great lesson to us if we are willing learn it and embrace it.

We are called to live our lives in such a way that is pleasing to God. We are asked to turn the other cheek, to love one another as ourselves, to do what is right and true and good even though the reward may not seem as great. Even though people may take advantage of us and cause injury to us. When this occurs, we may feel frustrated and believe that it is only the hardened who get ahead. That ultimately they are the only victors in this world. We want to repay unkindness with more unkindness. Or teach them a lesson so we desire an eye for an eye. However, this is not what the current of the ocean or bodies of water teach us.

We believe sometimes erroneously that in being kind we are weak, allowing people to take advantage of us. Maybe we sometimes believe that doing the right thing is also weak but we are missing the lesson that water teaches. Even though water is soft and pliable it has tremendous strength to transform that which is hardened. When we make a decision to become like water, soft and moveable then we are committing ourselves to the belief that the soft have the strength to overcome the hard. Which are you moved by more? Someone’s gentle presence of caring and love or someone who is loud, hard and uncaring? One leaves you with a feeling of being blessed and happy, the other leaves a feeling of coldness. Which do you prefer to be?

It can be a challenging lesson to learn, however, I believe that it is one worth striving for as the reward is great. We may not see the carving that is being created with our softness for results may not be seen for years to come. It does not make the carving and effort unworthy. Know in being soft you are creating greatness, for in your softness there is strength. Do not become discouraged and forget. Look at the water and how it transforms. You have the ability and strength to transform as well. Do it in gentleness and you will have learned your lessons well.

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