What is it about a soulmate friend?
There is an unexplainable connection.

A knowing, a seeing.
You are without understanding joined together.
Is it from this present time or does the answer lie much deeper from
a past or former life?
What mysteries exist there?
You can feel it. You know it to be true.
There is the unexplainable connection.

It speaks to you and you know in your heart that you have been
called to this friend and this friend has been called to you.
You sense when there is trouble in the others being and you are there for them.
One cannot quite understand how it works. A voice speaks to you and unveils
their calamity.
There is the unexplainable connection.

When you are together there is no sense of time.
Time is no longer of any relevancy.
It does not exist.
You are transported together to a place where there is a mixing and
joining of ideas. There is a freedom in the conversation.
It is an ever present comfort to be understood
and accepted. It is refreshing and uplifting.
It causes the spirit to soar.
There is the unexplainable connection.

When you finally make your way to this kind of friend you know that
it is a connection that can never be broken.
You are forever friends. You will be there for each other in this life and
the life to come.

There is the unexplainable connection.

For H. Thank you for being my soulmate of friends. This journey of life has been a wild and crazy one. I am better for having known you and for having you as a part of it. We have helped each other grow and transform. When we are together it is a respite from this world. You are amazing and wonderful. You will always be my soul sister! Thank you.

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4 Responses to Friends

  1. candidkay says:

    Some mystics believe we travel in soul circles, tending to be in varying relationships and different bodies/roles in each lifetime–but continuing to travel together. Kind of a neat thought.

  2. Heather says:

    Ahh once again a magnificent photo! You are most definitely a soul sister! I have known you always. You have inspired and carried me during the darkest days of my life. I want to thank you for being that kind of friend. Your words hold such truths. It is a wonderful gift to receive a friend that is that safe place, that place where you can laugh and cry and be yourself with no fear of judgement. Thank you my dearest friend for the unexplainable connection!

  3. Tesla Starr says:

    Soulmate friends are angels in disguise, holding up a mirror for our spirit to stay true to ones self and evolution in its present incarnation.

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