Midnight_Whisper_Wallpaper__yvt2Do you hear the whisperings? The whisperings of your soul. Your soul beckoning you forward. Do you resist the whisperings? Do you take them in and make them yours or do you ignore them and push the whisperings down trying to stifle them? Does it work? Does the whispering stop and you find yourself momentarily relieved? What have you sacrificed in smothering the whispering? Do you feel it? Do you sense the pain that wells up inside you? Do you ignore this as well, desperately trying to bury this whispering? At what price? Do you continue on your way not seeing yourself? Not recognizing your reflection the next time you look in the mirror and you find yourself whispering who am I? Who have you become by not seizing the whispering of your soul? It is an excruciatingly painful question. One that searches your soul and beckons you on. Who am I? Do you continue to deny yourself in hearing and heeding these whisperings? It is a question that requires great courage to find the answer and to open your heart and lay yourself bare. Can you bring the walls down that you have so painstakingly built around your heart and soul?

For what? What need does this fulfill? What are you protecting yourself from? Are you protecting yourself from those that would hurt you? Are you keeping yourself from you? Why do you allow fear to keep you from yourself and making one of the most marvelous discoveries you will ever uncover? Who are you? These can be haunting questions that plaque you, pursuing you at every turn and even invading your dreams. There is no rest, the whisperings keep gnawing at you. It is only a matter of time and you must address these whisperings in order to calm them. They are incessant and will not ebb until acknowledged and given their full attention. They are calling you to greatness. Can you hear them and accept this calling?

Who are you? Do you see the humanity of who you are? Do you see and recognize your inhumanity? To truly look at yourself and see all facets of you is not for the feint of heart. You can do nothing that will be more moving than this. You will be brought to your knees in humbleness and gratitude for there can be no other response when you truly look at yourself and see yourself for who you truly are. Are you able to scrape the scales from your eyes and see and accept the truth that is unveiled to you? Are you able to embrace the light that exists inside your soul and the darkness that lurks about seeking the corners of your heart trying to avoid detection? What an unbelievable moment of truth and a moment of sweet release to know that human frailty exists in all of us. The whisperings bring great weeping in this moment for you are beginning to open yourself up to who you are and seeing and accepting the truth of your humanness. Do not be afraid but be of great courage for only in these moments can beautiful change occur.

Who are you? The answer is different for everyone and will continue to evolve as you embrace the whisperings of your soul. Your soul is begging to be acknowledged and remembered in this questioning for here in lies the truth of who you are. Will you nurture your soul by hearing what it is calling you to become? What passions speak to you? What fulfills you? What makes you feel whole? These are vastly important questions that you must acknowledge to calm the whisperings that come to you. In these moments peace is brought to you and joy will seep into your being like never before. It is the beginnings of who you are. Roll this question over and over in your heart and mind and see what it brings you to. Do not fight it. Ride the current of your soul and see where it takes you. You will find yourself in unimaginable places that will bring you unsurpassed rewards. Who are you? This whispering forms a thread of gold from your heart and soul to your mind. The whisperings pull and tug at the threads creating a labyrinth of hopes and dreams that are desiring to be discovered. Heed the whisperings and find out who you are so you may whisper back I have uncovered who I am and I am amazing beyond belief and filled with exotic beauty and gifts from my Father above. Accept all of this and thank God for the whisperings and continue to journey forward discovering who you are and living your hopes and dreams knowing that God has provided and given all to you. Listen to the whispering that invades your soul and become whole.

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