Dawning of Hope

imagesCAD5HCKYJust before the sun breaks the horizon, colors of dusty pink, oranges and pale blues mix together drawing my attention to the beginning of a new day. In the quiet of this dawning I am held spellbound watching the sun make its ascent of glory. I catch myself holding my breath as the colors continue to mix and churn on the horizon. I am mesmerized by the canvas of colors that are unfolding and I am filled with hope. What is it about this fleeting moment that creates such a strong feeling that builds inside of me?

Maybe in this moment it is as if God has sent me a personal message. He says to me, “Yesterday is gone and forgotten and any mistakes that were made are forgiven.” “I love you and today is a new beginning, this is the day that I have made for you, rejoice and be glad in it!” So in this moment I rejoice and I thank God for the new day that He has given me. A new day where I can do and become whomever I choose to be. It is an epiphany of all that is possible and all the treasures that God has laid before me. I only need see them and pick them up along the path that I travel. I may need to travel a new path if I am finding the one that I am on is too well trodden and does not contain the treasures that I have been looking for. And that is perfectly okay because it is a sign of hope that God will take me where ever I need to go.

What do I hope for in this moment. I hope for love. For that moment when you are totally immersed with someone and you have a feeling of being complete and at home. Where you feel that everything is right and nothing can pierce that moment. I hope for change. The dawning of a new day fills me with wonder and a knowing and belief that I am capable of change. That I can bring myself to new adventures, to making new discoveries about who I am and who I want to be and that with the help of God I can be brought to these changes where God blesses me and surrounds me with His love as I am evolving and becoming the person He has called me to be. I hope for grace because it is a reminder that in a flash God has brought us to a new day and the past is forgiven. It is as if the colors that paint the sky are a washing away of all that was incorrect and only the beautiful and correct is remembered and brought forth. I then have hope for a clean slate where anything and everything is possible this day. It is up to me to paint the canvas today and make it everything I desire it to be. The paintbrush is in my hand and I am in control of my destiny and the picture that I will paint for myself. It can be dangerous, dark and depressing, bright and energizing or bold and filled with happiness. The day is laid out before me and I am the one who chooses the colors and in what way they will be blended.

The possibilities of what is hoped for is endless and forever being transformed from one dawning to the next. The important thing is to see the dawning of hope and seize it. To watch it as it breaks the sky, to hold it in the palm of your hand and grasp it. Let it come in and open a new passage in your heart. Let it rewrite what needs to be written. Do not be afraid of the hope that dawns on the horizon. See the possibilities. Hope is what keeps us putting one foot in front of the other when we feel most like giving up. It leads us on to further our destiny if we will allow it. Hope perches on the wings of our hearts waiting to take flight. It is tied to who we want to be and will forever be tied to our hearts as it soars on the horizon painting new masterpieces for us. With the dawning of each new day remember the hope that it brings, take out your paintbrush and paint the most amazing work of art anyone has seen. It is meant for you. It is dawning hope.

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