Sacred Seed

mustard-seed-cedar There is a seed contained within all of us. It is a spiritual seed, one given to us by Our Father before we were born. It is our sacred self. For some, this beautiful seed goes unrecognized for years or maybe not recognized at all. For some there is a continual search for something more. There is a part of us that knows something is missing. There is a voice that cries to us of something more, something greater than who we are, it is our sacred self. Why some hear this cry and others do not is a mystery. It may seem like a curse at times as the whispering never stops and beckons us on and we are left searching, looking for ways to be whole. And the whisperings continue. We hear our sacred self whispering in our ear, “Let me live.” “Wake up to me and you will wake up to who you are.” What then at times has seemed like a curse is actually a wonderous beautiful gift bestowed on the few of us that are fortunate enough to hear and feel it and then act upon it.

Our sacred self cries to us in our dreams. “See me, know that I am here, feel me in your being. Do not forget me when you wake for only in remembering me can you become and remain whole. You are not a mother, father, daughter, son, friend, boss, teacher, etc. You are me and I am the sacred in you, everything else is a label and meaningless. I simply am. I am. Embrace this. Don’t fight it. Everything else is an illusion. For when you see yourself as you really are then you see the truth stripped away of earthly labels, ideals and beliefs.” The sacred self is hungry for experience and life and we hide it away not wanting to really see it and ourselves for who we are. We are beings of God who has called us to love. To love first and foremost ourselves and then others. He calls us to enjoy this life and every experience it has to offer. This is what our sacred self cries out for, it is what calls to us in our sleep and whispers to us before we wake,”Remember me.” If we can listen to our sacred self it will send us on an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth.

Listening to our sacred self means putting away many thoughts and beliefs that we grew up with that really do not serve our sacredness. Old beliefs and ideas keep us stuck, stagnant, lost in this world where the collective wants to hold us hostage to these lies that serve them and propel them further along the path of ego, greed, power and selfishness. These ideas do not serve the sacred self and does not cause growth. This is not what the seed planted in us at birth cries for. It cries to be nurtured and loved. We nurture our sacred being by acknowledging its existence and spending time feeding it, by praying, meditating, being called to nature where God communes with us and brings us to new life. When we see the exquisiteness of God’s creation in how the clouds feather out like angels’ wings, the veins of a leaf in all its perfection, the way fresh fallen snow shimmers like diamonds and the awesome view from a mountaintop where you can see forever. These moments feed our sacred self. When we feel this longing for something more we must heed it and seek these things out that feed it. For in these moments our earthly shell falls away and we become part of God and we are whole. It is an incredible feeling where we lose ourselves and yet at the same time we are found and we are home and our sacred self sighs in contentment as the search can momentarily be halted. These moments are extremely profound and in them is new growth which reveals more and more of our sacred self. Our earthly shell becomes less thick, more easily shed to reveal our true self and our moments of communing with God and becoming whole become easier.

Once this part of you is revealed and recognized you can never turn back, there is only going forward as once awakened your sacred self cannot go back to sleep, it will propel you forward. Once awakened the sacred self becomes hungry like a lioness searching to quench her thirst and feed her soul. The soul longs to commune with the whole and this can only be done when we see who we really are. When we boldly say “I am” and feel and know the truth in it. Hear the whisperings and have the courage to answer your sacred self’s cries to be whole. It is what you are being called to.

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4 Responses to Sacred Seed

  1. starrystez says:

    What a lovely inspiring post. Thanks so much!

  2. Heather says:

    I love those moments when you heed the calling in your heart and you find complete bliss and content.

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