What is much of life about?  Do we view it as hard or challenging?  Do we see it as daunting or fun?  It may seem like a little thing, however the words we use to describe our outlook makes a huge difference in our perspective.  If we say something is hard, it seems oppressive.  If we instead say something is challenging or getting easier, it lends a lighter feel.  The words we use lend a different feel to the outcome.  It creates a picture that whatever is up ahead we can conquer and deal with it.  One is one of fear and being out of control.  The other is of being content with the unknown and knowing that whatever comes our way we can meet the challenge and even exceed it and whatever comes will be good.

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3 Responses to Perspective

  1. A says:

    Nice Debbie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts ❤

  2. Heather says:

    Oh Debbie, I am so glad you are blogging and fulfilling one of the desires of your heart! I agree that our outlook and the words we choose to describe the events in our life can determine the outcomes! Best of wishes to you as you journey home!~Heather

  3. Colleen Brezny says:

    Congratulations Debbie for the courage to go for it…..Your life. C.

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